Playing Sections


Captain: Stuart Porter

Captain's Charity


Captain: Viv Goode

Ladies Roll Up : Tuesday 8:30am

Ladies Competitions : Thursday 8:30am

Ladies Roll Up : Saturday 10:00am *



Captain: Graham Williams

Veterans Roll Up

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am



Group Roll Ups

Reprobates : Tuesday 9:40am

Whingers : Wednesday 10:00am

Early Saturday Group : 7:45am

Grailers : Saturday 8:30am *

Swindle : Saturday 11:30am *

Arkwrights : Sunday 07:45am *

* Non Competition Days

World Handicap System (WHS)

came into effect on 2nd November 2020. For our easy to follow guide

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England Golf Coronavirus Update
including FAQs

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Rules of Golf

The R&A Official Rules of Golf
The Player's Edition

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